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New Website Launch

For almost 50-years Ambassador Textile’s has been a major supplier of fabrics to upholsterers and furniture manufacturers. Over the years, however, our range of fabrics has increased, and the versatility of even our dedicated furnishing fabrics means that they have seen use in a wide variety of different sectors.

As of 2021 we are a crucial link in the supply chain for thousands of businesses throughout the UK. Our customers develop and manufacture an incredibly diverse range of products, including: toys, curtains & blinds, soft furnishings, motor trimmings, pet beds, and so much more.

On the 4th May Ambassador Textiles launches its brand new website. Re-designed from the ground-up with a single goal – to present the best possible information to our diverse range of customers. Our new site structure should make it easier for visitors to narrow-in on specific types of fabric, without scrolling through pages of fabrics which might be unsuitable for their end-use.

Main Navigation Bar, Fabrics

Main navigation bar. Searching for specific types of fabric has never been easier.

Contract Manufacturing

Our website now also provides significantly more detail on our contract manufacturing of soft furnishings and accessories, which until now has been a little shrouded in mystery. Many of our customers will be aware that we manage a range of soft furnishings under our Katrina Hampton brand, but did you also know that we can manufacture to your own specifications and branding?

Contract manufacturing has been a major part of our business for the last decade, and we are thrilled to now be giving it the attention that it deserves on our website.

All of our soft furnishings are machined by hand in the North-West of England, and we are proud to be a member of Made in Britain, highlighting how important it is to us that business stay local. Modern consumers are factoring this in to their decision-making process now more than ever before.


We will be the first to admit how difficult it has been for us to keep our customers updated on new developments. This past year, though, has been a difficult one for businesses across the country, and if nothing else it has taught all of us how important it is to communicate with customers both old and new.

New fabrics are being introduced at a faster rate than ever before. These are exciting times for Ambassador Textiles, and we want you to be a part of it. As confident as we are that these newly launched fabrics can help propel your business forward in a competitive marketplace, it does little for anyone if we do not keep you informed.

Our websites new Blog and Press sections will allow us to do exactly that, and each will be updated promptly whenever we have news to share.

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