Velboa is a low pile, dense faux fur fabric. Popular with crafters. Tough enough to use for children’s toys, yet soft enough for plush garments as well as linings and cosy blankets.

Our Cuddlesoft Plain is often referred to as Minky Fabric in the United States. The fabric is also extremely popular in Sweden being often used in the manufacture of `Hobby Horses’ for the competition world. Thus the collection comprises several beige/brown shades in demand for this market and teddy bear making. Furthermore as the soft dense fabric maintains its pile directly after washing and has no shedding, it is a popular choice for baby-care products. Tradition colours complete the collection that are popular with nursery product manufacture.

There are fourteen animal prints available in our Ponyskin velboa range of fabric. These striking images on the short pile fabric having the appearance of fur. Additionally the embossed wave that runs down the length of the fabric enhances the luxurious sheen. Popular for upholstery and soft furnishing for that statement look.

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Ponyskin Velboa

Ponyskin is a polyester velboa fabric in a range of animal prints. This fabric has a distinctive wave pattern running down the length, giving the appearance of faux fur.

Cuddlesoft Velboa

A plain, soft and snuggly velboa fabric, commonly known in the US as Minky fabric. Easy to care for, this 100% polyester fabric maintains its pile directly after washing.