Faux Linen

Whilst we all appreciate the look and feel of linen, it can have it’s drawbacks such as heavy creasing, whereas fabrics woven from polyester can often offer a similar look.  Our 100% polyester faux linen ranges are durable washable and less prone to creasing keeping their new look for longer, whilst offering that same modern look.

Our linen lookalike fabrics can be easily coated to domestic and crib 5 standard for contemporary upholstery and soft furnishings . We regularly supply these fabrics volume to the curtain and blind making industry.

Throughout the four faux linen ranges we have a varied choice of colours on offer. Each collection having its own distinct characteristics.




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Brisbane Faux Linen

Brisbane Faux Linen is an exceptional replica of linen fabric perfect for curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings. Featuring a distinctive weave and slub it is less prone to the wrinkling and creasing from linen fabric.

Jefferson (JF87)

Jefferson (JF87) is a woven fabric with a subtle lustre thread running though it. Using multiple threads closely woven together gives a soft handle, luxurious appearance and robust structure.

Signature Faux Linen

Signature Faux Linen has the crisp, clean looks of genuine linen in a woven 100% easy care polyester fabric.

Joyford Faux Linen

A synthetic fabric which mimics the look and feel of high-quality linen. Made from 100% Polyester, this fabric is both easy to wash, and easy to iron.

Topaz Faux Linen

A soft touch woven linen look-alike fabric in neutral tones. Woven in 100% Polyester yarn for durability.