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Ambassador Textiles have supplied clearance blankets from various mills throughout the UK for many years, but more recently we have launched a collection of regular and repeatable wool blankets that are proving to be incredibly popular. Five popular colourways are kept to stock, but as part of our contract manufacturing service we can offer over 60 other colourways and designs to suit your exact needs.

We are already supplying a number of high-street and online retailers, as well as garden centres and catalogues, with high-quality Shetland Wool Blankets, and we would be excited to work with you to develop the perfect blanket for your own catalogue.

The manufacturing of wool blankets can be a lengthy and complicated process, but our mill enjoys total control over every aspect of production. From dyeing, blending, carding and yarn spinning, though to weaveing and finishing, everything takes place under the same roof. This means that whatever your requirements, Ambassador Texitles has the capacity to see it through with minimal comporimses.

Once we know what you are looking for, our mill will provide yarn samples to ensure that we get the colour right. Blankets can be woven to any size you require, and our quality control will ensure that you only ever take delivery of perfect atricles.

Five of our most popular colourways of our wool blankets are kept to stock in a classic Herringbone design at 140cm x 190cm, and are available for immediate supply. Additional colourways or designs may be added over time. Our sales team are on hand to help answer any questions you might have and to provide cometitive prices.

Buying British is a difficult choice for many businesses, with a strong desire to support the local economy on one side, and on the other an ever-pressing need to keep down costs in a competitive marketplace. What many consumers have come to realise, however, is that cheap imported goods simply cannot match the quality and longevity of those made at home, and the demand for British-made goods is growing. Ambassador Textiles is proud to be a member of the Made in Britain campaign.

Every aspect of the manufacturing of our wool blankets takes place locally, in the heart of Yorkshire. From dyeing and blending to yarn spinning and weaving, each step of the production process takes place under the same roof.

By working with Ambassador Textiles, you can proudly and confidently boast that wool blankets are 100% Made in Britain.

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