Eco / Sustainable

We are seeing a increase demand for Eco / Sustainable products. Items made from a fabric that has a less harmful impact on our planet. Products created from natural, traceable materials with a lesser carbon footprint. We consistently liaise with our suppliers and mills to increase our range of eco-friendly fabrics. Particularly sourcing new fabric ranges that are manufactured from recycled materials.

Wool is a natural, renewable product that has a long lifespan. Our Glen Rosa, Glen Mhor and Glen Isle ranges of 100% Shetland Wools are dyed, spun, and woven altogether at a mill just a few miles away from our warehouse.

Bamboo Terry Towelling is composed of 65% bamboo fibre, made from the pulp of the highly eco-sustainable and rapidly renewable Bamboo plant. Bamboo fibres naturally retain water and possess antibacterial qualities. Thus reducing the need for washing as the fabric stays fresher longer.

Cotton is an all natural fibre that grows well in several climates, and is easy to harvest. Our Cotton waffle and Cotton interlock are used in the manufacture of many baby care products.  Their popularity due to the breathability and soft handle of the fabrics along with their natural fibres

With this in mind our experienced staff are constantly sourcing new Eco / Sustainable fabrics at customers request. If your company has particular fabric needs please contact a member of our team.

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Bamboo Velour Towelling

Lightweight, soft, and durable with high absorbency, our Bamboo Velour Towelling is available in a wide range of popular colours along with white.

Glen Rosa Shetland Wool

Beautiful pure wool fabric woven in the heart of Yorkshire, Glen Rosa is an attractive collection of classic checked and window-pane designs for upholstery, soft furnishings and curtains.

Glen Loch Shetland Wool

Our Beautiful new Glen Loch Shetland Wool Tweed plaid is woven at same Lancashire mill as our renowned Glen Rosa and Glen Mhor collections.

Glen Mhor Shetland Wool

Hard-wearing and durable, and woven in nearby Yorkshire, Glen Mhor is an attractive collection of checked designs in modern, vibrant colourways.

Cotton Waffle

Cotton Waffle’s three dimensional structure makes the material both absorbent and quick to dry. Also known as ‘honeycomb’ due to the similarity of the weave.