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150g Faux Suede

150g Faux Suede is our lightweight imitation suede, suitable for many applications. Popular traditional colours with optic white in demand for print purposes

225g Faux Suede

Faux Suede in a 100% polyester woven fabric. With a soft nap to the face of the fabric and comprehensive range of colourways.

300g Faux Suede

300g Faux Suede is the heaviest of our Imitation suede fabrics. suitable for a wide variety of applications.

Alchemy Crushed Velvet

A striking animal print and a co-ordinating stippled design on shimmering polyester velvet – FR as standard.

Arizona Faux Leather

Arizona Faux Leather reaches Crib 5 standards, has an anti-bacterial coating, Arizona is the optimum choice for contract vinyl upholstery. Available in 17 colourways from the traditional to bright citrus colours.

Arran Faux Wool

A plain polyester fabric with brushed fibres that mimic the look and feel of wool. A versatile and cost-effective alternative to natural wool.

Avalon Embossed Velvet

A short-pile polyester velvet with an embossed marbled lustre, Avalon is as versatile and durable as it is luxurious.

Bamboo Velour Towelling

Lightweight, soft, and durable with high absorbency, our Bamboo Velour Towelling is available in a wide range of popular colours along with white.

Basketweave Chenille

This fabric has an soft chenille touch with an attractive weave pattern. Available in a selection of traditional and rich colourways.

Beau Chenille

This versatile Boucle fabric has a soft and cosy feel and offers a contemporary look for upholstered furniture and soft furnishings.

Bentley Stitched Vinyl

Durable Vinyl quilted to 5mm foam featuring a double stitch diamond design in a matching or contrasting thread.


Bi-Stretch is a core plain woven fabric. A versatile utility fabric that has a multitude of applications, From clothing and crafts to ceiling drapes and backdrops, this affordable fabric is available in over 50 solid colours.