We are proud that our wool is locally produced and designed for us at a nearby Woollen Mill. The raw materials are sourced through a vetted supply chain network. All further processing, dying, carding, and yarn spinning through to weaving and finishing is carried out all under the same roof. Reducing the carbon footprint of the finished fabric.

The three 100% Shetland Wool collections, Glen Rosa, Glen Mhor and Glen Isle have developed over the years to keep abreast of colour trends. All are still popular. Glen Rosa with its co-ordinated range of plaids and windowpanes is still in demand for the upholstery sector. Glen Mhor, is very current with the fashion/garment trade and interior designers owing to its trendy bright colours. Recently added is Glen Isle. With colours inspired by the nature of the highlands alongside on-trend colours such as mustard and navy.

With people wanting to use more natural and sustainable fabrics in their lifestyle choices. The provenance of our wool fabrics will ensure they remain a popular choice in both furnishing, fashion and craft.

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Glen Rosa Shetland Wool

Beautiful pure wool fabric woven in the heart of Yorkshire, Glen Rosa is an attractive collection of classic checked and window-pane designs for upholstery, soft furnishings and curtains.

Glen Loch Shetland Wool

Our Beautiful new Glen Loch Shetland Wool Tweed plaid is woven at same Lancashire mill as our renowned Glen Rosa and Glen Mhor collections.

Glen Mhor Shetland Wool

Hard-wearing and durable, and woven in nearby Yorkshire, Glen Mhor is an attractive collection of checked designs in modern, vibrant colourways.