With fifty years of experience in fabric sales we know what our retail fabric customers expect from us. We want to be your best wholesale fabric supplier, and are willing to work hard to be that. We source the best fabrics at the best prices and our knowledge keeps us ahead on colour and trend. Ultimately your fast turnaround is ours and we aim to keep it that way.

Whilst some of our fabric ranges fit a particular purpose. The majority are suitable for a wide range of applications. Accordingly we carefully choose our colours and textures for the retail fabric with a variety of end uses in mind. From our best selling Faux suede to our four ranges of velvet we cross the colour spectrum for all round customer appeal.

Alongside our selection of plain, woven and chenille textured fabrics we have impressive 100% Shetland Wool collections. Woven to our own design at a local mill our three collections of plaids range from the traditional through to bright. The best selling of these colours have been recreated in a 100% brushed polyester and currently selling well into retail fabric shops. Similarly our Taiwanese anti-pil fleece sells in huge quantities to retail and manufacturing. With it’s 50 assorted colours and brushed surface less prone to the bobbling found on lesser quality fabric.

Whatever your customer base we are sure we have a best seller for you within our retail fabric ranges. Contact a member of our experienced helpful sales team for further information on 0162 634 4167

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Brisbane Faux Linen

Brisbane Faux Linen is an exceptional replica of linen fabric perfect for curtains, upholstery and soft furnishings. Featuring a distinctive weave and slub it is less prone to the wrinkling and creasing from linen fabric.


Bi-Stretch is a core plain woven fabric. A versatile utility fabric that has a multitude of applications, From clothing and crafts to ceiling drapes and backdrops, this affordable fabric is available in over 50 solid colours.

Beau Chenille

This versatile Boucle fabric has a soft and cosy feel and offers a contemporary look for upholstered furniture and soft furnishings.

Boutique Velvet

Our Boutique Velvet has a luxurious appearance with a subtle sheen. Beautiful, durable velvet in an impressive range of colours.

225g Faux Suede

Faux Suede in a 100% polyester woven fabric. With a soft nap to the face of the fabric and comprehensive range of colourways.

Plush FR Velvet

Our Plush Velvet is an affordable short pile velour carried to stock as Fire Retardant.

Grampian Faux Wool

Grampian Faux Wool is a perfect imitation of our 100% Shetland Wool fabrics in multi checks and windowpanes.

Luxe Velvet

Luxe is a short pile knitted velvet with a subtle sheen and soft handle.

Super Velvet

With a soft, short pile, this lustrous 100% polyester fabric is available in 20 colour options, from striking hot pink and pumpkin, to deep midnight blue and teal.

French Velvet

French Velvet is a polyester fabric with an exceptionally soft touch and unique lustre. An ideal fabric for Soft furnishings, apparel and craft.

Coral Sherpa Fleece

Our Coral Sherpa is a lightweight cuddly soft textured fleece. Suitable for clothing, nursery and pet related products.

Sydney Chenille

Sydney Chenille is a super tactile fabric in a range of popular colours. A self coloured subtle basketweave fabric.