Fire Retardant Fabric

Government legislation currently states that Fire Retardant fabric is used on upholstery.  To the standard of Crib 5 (Contract) in all public buildings. Products sold in to a domestic household, however need to reach BS5852 general domestic cigarette and match standard. Some fabrics are naturally FR Inherent, whilst many need to be added to with a coating in order to achieve the standard.

Whilst some of our fabric ranges are specifically coated to these standards throughout the collections. We send others for coating to specialist treatment companies to attain the pass level the customer requires.

Our 100% Shetland Wool ranges of Glen Rosa, Glen Mhor and Glen Loch achieve FR Inherency naturally due to the fibres used in manufacture. Other fabrics achieve the standards by back-coating with flame retardant compounds/crushed foam and/or flock. Fabric is then tested at the coating company to check they reach the required standard. Certificates for the treated fabric can be supplied upon request.

Arizona and Montana Leatherettes meet the crib 5 standard and are available in a large choice of colours. Arizona is a high spec fabric with the addition of an anti-bacterial coating. Montana meets the Crib 5 standard with a more muted range of colours and is budget friendly.


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Plush FR Velvet

Our Plush Velvet is an affordable short pile velour carried to stock as Fire Retardant.

Vintage Faux Leather

This faux leather collection is an excellent replica of aged leather. Giving the antique look and a surprisingly soft touch.

Ventura PU

Ventura PU is a high-spec practical outdoor fabric. Water resistant, fire retardant as well as UV resistant and colour fast to light.

Nevada Faux Leather

Our largest collection of faux leather fabrics, with three different finishes available in Plain, Grain and Marble. FR to domestic upholstery standards.

Panama Chenille

A basketweave chenille fabric with a twist. The use of multiple tones affords this range of fabrics with a distinctive and eye-catching lustre effect.

Glen Rosa Shetland Wool

Beautiful pure wool fabric woven in the heart of Yorkshire, Glen Rosa is an attractive collection of classic checked and window-pane designs for upholstery, soft furnishings and curtains.

Glen Loch Shetland Wool

Our Beautiful new Glen Loch Shetland Wool Tweed plaid is woven at same Lancashire mill as our renowned Glen Rosa and Glen Mhor collections.

Glen Mhor Shetland Wool

Hard-wearing and durable, and woven in nearby Yorkshire, Glen Mhor is an attractive collection of checked designs in modern, vibrant colourways.

Montana Faux Leather

An alternative to our premium Arizona range, Montana is fire retardant to the same contract upholstery / crib 5 standard.

Arizona Faux Leather

Arizona Faux Leather reaches Crib 5 standards, has an anti-bacterial coating, Arizona is the optimum choice for contract vinyl upholstery. Available in 17 colourways from the traditional to bright citrus colours.