Bamboo towelling has many exceptional qualities. It is lightweight and absorbent with a luxuriously soft feel and subtle sheen to the face of the fabric. The looped back of the fabric offers great absorbency. Whilst the anti-bacterial qualities of the plant fibre used in production means the fabric stays fresh for longer.

More absorbent than cotton. The plant grows naturally fast and can yield up to ten times more than cotton when grown in the same area. With customers looking to more be more eco-friendly, bamboo fabric is featuring significantly in modern clothing production and not just for its sustainability. With bamboo fibres possessing antibacterial qualities the need for frequent washing is reduced.

Our towelling fabric feels soft to the skin making a perfect fabric for use in the manufacture of many nursery products and dressing gowns.

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Bamboo Velour Towelling

Lightweight, soft, and durable with high absorbency, our Bamboo Velour Towelling is available in a wide range of popular colours along with white.