PU / PVC Fabric

PU / PVC Fabric differs in structure. PVC is made up of more layers, thereby increasing it’s durability. Making it extremely hardwearing and suitable for upholstery and footwear. Whilst PU having less layers is pliable and more flexible to work with. PU is breathable and in a leatherette more applicable to clothing items.

Our furnishing weight leatherettes, Nevada, Arizona and Montana are all manufactured from PVC, and durable enough to withstand years of wear, being more stain resistant and water resistant than their PU counterparts.

Be it PU or PVC synthetic Leather is the perfect substitute for natural leather. PU / PVC Fabric handles like leather and comes in many realistic looking finishes. It is affordable and hardwearing and available in many colourways. From traditional black and browns to vibrant hues of Apple, Turquoise and Sunflower.

Outdoor water resistant fabrics are also manufactured from either PU or PVC. Ventura PU is lighter in weight than our other two collections and has  the added benefits of being fire retardant and UV resistant. With bright, vibrant colours on offer as well as traditional grey, brown and khaki.

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Francisco PU

Complimentary to our successful Ventura collection, Francisco is durable, water resistant and UV resistant, making it more colour fast when exposed to sunlight.

Ventura PU

Ventura PU is a high-spec practical outdoor fabric. Water resistant, fire retardant as well as UV resistant and colour fast to light.

Nevada Faux Leather

Our largest collection of faux leather fabrics, with three different finishes available in Plain, Grain and Marble. FR to domestic upholstery standards.

Montana Faux Leather

An alternative to our premium Arizona range, Montana is fire retardant to the same contract upholstery / crib 5 standard.

Arizona Faux Leather

Arizona Faux Leather reaches Crib 5 standards, has an anti-bacterial coating, Arizona is the optimum choice for contract vinyl upholstery. Available in 17 colourways from the traditional to bright citrus colours.

Marina PVC

Textured water-resistant fabric suitable for outdoor use. Available in a wide range of traditional and modern bold colours.

Non-FR Leatherette

A plain and affordable faux leather fabric without any FR resistance, ideal for situations where fire retardant fabric (and the extra cost associated with it) are not required.

Quilted 4oz PU

4oz PU water resistant fabric quilted to a 2oz wadding with scrim back. Stylish looks for dog coats, beds and liners.