Velvet / Velour

A much loved fabric, velvet has opulence, style and glamour. Historically made from silk or cotton. Our polyester fabrics mimic beautifully their original counterparts. Offering durability and versatility our Velvet / Velour collections are the perfect choice for all lifestyles, with velvet sofas and accessories being a huge trend in recent years.

Our premium range, Boutique Velvet has a luxurious appearance and subtle sheen. It is very durable and excellent value for money. With an impressive colour range from the ever popular greys and natural browns and linen to the vibrant hues of pumpkin, aqua and deep plum.

The Luxe Velvet Collection gives us a range of traditional colours with a soft tactile face and a lighter handle than the boutique. Luxe is perfect for soft furnishings, curtains and blinds.

French Velvet is a showstopper, soft and silky with rich deep hues of Rouge, Emerald, Turquoise and Violette. An interior designers delight and as much at home in costume on the catwalk or a stage, as versatile as it is beautiful. Similarly eyecatching is Marble Velour light reflecting for that touch of bling.

When a lighter weight of velvet is needed with a slight stretch our Supervelvet will be the perfect option. The collection offers a choice of 24 modern colours.

Whatever application you need a velvet for we are sure we have the one you require. With ranges that are durable, colourful, luxurious and affordable.

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Boutique Velvet

Our Boutique Velvet has a luxurious appearance with a subtle sheen. Beautiful, durable velvet in an impressive range of colours.

Plush FR Velvet

Our Plush Velvet is an affordable short pile velour carried to stock as Fire Retardant.

Luxe Velvet

Luxe is a short pile knitted velvet with a subtle sheen and soft handle.

Super Velvet

With a soft, short pile, this lustrous 100% polyester fabric is available in 20 colour options, from striking hot pink and pumpkin, to deep midnight blue and teal.

French Velvet

French Velvet is a polyester fabric with an exceptionally soft touch and unique lustre. An ideal fabric for Soft furnishings, apparel and craft.

Avalon Embossed Velvet

A short-pile polyester velvet with an embossed marbled lustre, Avalon is as versatile and durable as it is luxurious.

Marble Velour

One of our most glamorous interior fabrics, Marble Velour is made with a polycotton backing for structure and durability. A multi-tonal finish with a distinctive shimmer.

Alchemy Crushed Velvet

A striking animal print and a co-ordinating stippled design on shimmering polyester velvet – FR as standard.


A 100% Polyester fabric with the look and feel of soft, brushed cotton. Malta is both durable and easy to care for.