Faux Leather / Vinyl

Leather is a classic for upholstery, luggage, handbags and many other applications. The material that has been around a long time. Our Faux Leather/Vinyl offers the same look and durability as the real thing, is significantly cheaper, easy to clean, and doesn’t absorb water. Furthermore it is vegan friendly and can be made in an assortment of colours and finishes.

Faux leather is known by several names, frequently referred to as artificial leather, synthetic leather,  leatherette and PVC. Significantly it can be finished to a high gloss or matt, with a grain or marbling. The fabric is easy to work with when it comes to manufacturing and can be seamlessly stitched, additionally it requires very little maintenance.

The majority of our Faux Leathers and vinyl collections are Fire Retardant general domestic or contract British standards. The Nevada Collection offers a good range of colours with a grain finish, a marble effect and a plain subtle gloss. Vintage offers a distressed leather look with a supple handle to the fabric. Arizona is a high spec Crib 5 contract fabric with an antibacterial coating. Montana reaches the same Crib 5 standard for contract upholstery.

Non FR Leatherette is a plain faux leather with lighter handle. Particularly suitable for applications where fire retardancy is not required. Bentley Double Diamond Stitched vinyl is a striking new addition to the Faux Leather category. We bond the vinyl to 5mm foam and scrim back. This is available in Black and Grey with a matching or contrast stitch.

Whatever your needs for a Faux Leather are we have a suitable fabric. Contact a member of our team for further information.

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Vintage Faux Leather

This faux leather collection is an excellent replica of aged leather. Giving the antique look and a surprisingly soft touch.

Nevada Faux Leather

Our largest collection of faux leather fabrics, with three different finishes available in Plain, Grain and Marble. FR to domestic upholstery standards.

Montana Faux Leather

An alternative to our premium Arizona range, Montana is fire retardant to the same contract upholstery / crib 5 standard.

Arizona Faux Leather

Arizona Faux Leather reaches Crib 5 standards, has an anti-bacterial coating, Arizona is the optimum choice for contract vinyl upholstery. Available in 17 colourways from the traditional to bright citrus colours.

Bentley Stitched Vinyl

Durable Vinyl quilted to 5mm foam featuring a double stitch diamond design in a matching or contrasting thread.

Non-FR Leatherette

A plain and affordable faux leather fabric without any FR resistance, ideal for situations where fire retardant fabric (and the extra cost associated with it) are not required.