Digitally Printed Manufacturing

There are many benefits to combining our new digital printing services with our manufacturing facilities, but the main draw is that it provides you with near-complete control over the entire product development process. Finding the right fabric for you project has never been easier, as you can choose to have your design printed onto any one of over thirty base fabrics and counting, with just the right specifications and properties for your end-use. Our manufacturing team can then take that cloth and begin work on your final product, from cushions and blankets to bean bags and accessories.

If you have no design of your own, but a vision nonetheless of your perfect end product, you can choose from our ever-growing pattern bank, or work with our designers to create the perfect bespoke pattern.

Sublimation printing is a relatively new technology that is rapidly transforming the way that businesses work with fabric. Sublimation printing is fast, affordable, and transforms simple base fabrics into breath-taking works of art. The process itself uses heat-sensitive inks and polyester, and when heat is applied the inks diffuse into the fibres creating a single colourfast unit, which retains the shape, drape and texture of the original base fabric.

If you have a design of your own, we can work with you to find the right base fabric, from luxury velvets to classic faux linen or fleece. If you are still in the concept stage, however, with no specific design to speak of, you can select from our pattern bank or work with our designers to create something bespoke.

A test print can be run through at this stage to ensure that you are happy with how the design prints on the fabric that we have selected.

Once we have put together the right custom fabric, we will pass everything over to our manufacturing team who can also provide a sample/prototype of the finished product for your approval.

If everything looks good, we can then get started on your actual order. The time this can take will vary depending on how straightforward the sewing is, or if any adjustments need to be made to the design or base fabric.

All manufacturing orders with Ambassador Textiles come with dedicated project management as standard. You will work with a single point of contact, who will handle the entire project from start to finish.

Developing a new product can be a complicated affair, and even seemingly simple tasks such as finding the right zips, or the perfect sew-in label, or appropriately sized packaging, can take more than a little work. Our team has done it all, though, and with over 50-years’ experience in the industry we have the connections and know-how to take your project over the finish line with as few compromises as possible.

Your project manager will keep you updated throughout the process, and will provide samples and prototypes to make sure you are as happy with the work as we are.

Although our base fabrics are typically imported from China, Turkey, Taiwan, and Egypt, every other aspect of your product’s development takes place right here in the UK, and Ambassador Textiles is proud to be a member of the Made in Britain campaign.

Everything from the printing and sewing itself to the labels and packaging used in the final product are all sourced locally in the North-West of England. Ambassador Textiles is committed not only to supporting local businesses, but also to keeping our carbon footpint as low as possible. In this way, our local supply chain helps keep your own costs down with fewer expenses throughout the manufacturing process.

With Ambassador Textiles, you can proudly and confidently boast that your products are Made in Britain.

Our business relationship doesn’t end on delivery of your order. We work closely with our customers to forecast requirements throughout the year, making sure that raw materials and manufacturing capacity are available for when you need them next, with goods arriving on your own warehouse floor by agreed dates.

We try to be as flexible as possible with any forward orders, and wherever possible we will work with you to amend quantities or adjust delivery times.

Artist Velour Printed Cushion
Artist Velour Printed Cushion
Artist Velour Printed Cushion
Artist Velour Printed Cushion

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