Fleece Fabric

At Ambassador Textiles we pride ourselves on our buying power of fleece fabrics, sourcing only the finest fleeces at the best possible prices.

Our range of fleece fabrics have been a crucial part of our collection for over 30 years, and thousands of metres of material pass through our warehouse each month. So wide is our reach, that if you’ve sourced fleece fabric from anywhere in the UK in the past, it may very well have passed through Ambassador Textiles first.

Our sheer buying power in the fleece market means that we can provide you with an answer to that age-old question: how do you keep manufacturing costs down, whilst still delivering on a high-quality, premium product?

We import our Anti-Pil and Microfleece collections from Taiwan and have ensured that they are second to none when it comes to quality and durability. In addition to this, the extensive colour range that we offer means that our fleece fabric is suitable for virtually any industry that might require it. At any given moment our fleece is being used in products that grace retail shelves and homes across the UK and Europe, from fashion and pet products, to toys and camping paraphernalia. Recently our fleece fabrics have also been gaining immense traction in the baby care market.

We specialise in plain fleeces, however printed fleeces are available and can be sourced to your specifications. Our white Anti-Pil fleece has also been used frequently in the sublimation printing process itself.

Our Fleece Collections
anti-pil lambskin fleece fabric
Anti-pil Lambskin Fleece
A 100% Polyester fabric designed to prevent bobbling with repeated washes. Available in 50 Colourways
anti-pil printed fleece fabric
Anti-pil Printed Fleece
A 100% Polyester anti-pil fleece in a variety of different prints. Available in 7 Colourways
coral fleece fabric
Coral Fleece
A 100% Polyester fabric noted for being exceptionally fluffy and soft to the touch. Available in 1 Colourway
microfleece fabric
This dense 100% Polyester microfleece is our softest, highest quality fleece fabric. Available in 11 Colourways
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