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Our range of Fleece covers, Anti pil polar fleece both plain and printed, Micro Fleece, Sherpa fleece and Coral fleece. 

Our Lambskin Anit Pil Fleece Fabric has a soft handle, with the robust quality of being mega washable, this durability ensures the fleece fabric retains its soft handle even after many, many washes.  Well liked in the clothing industry for outdoor pursuits, winter clothing, children’s and baby wear and millinery.  Anti Pil fleece is an immensely popular, fabric which comes in many guises, our Anti Pil fleece fabric is not filament fleece, which is commonly imported from China and usually available at a cheap price. Our range cover a fantastic selection of plain colours combined to co-ordinate with our superb range of printed fleece designs.

Many of our printed Fleece fabrics are combined with the plain colours for use in baby blankets and buggy accessories. They are also suitable for use in blankets, which come as a variety of size options, Cot, Buggy, Picnic etc…

Printed and plain fleece is well liked by manufacturers producing winter hats and scarves for children and adults.

All our fleece products are heavily used in the manufacture of pet products, specifically, dog coats, pet beds, basket liners and even dog clothing, more unusual applications are horse blankets and matching accessories.

We offer a wide variety of colours accross our range of fleece products, if you are looking for a particular shade please let us know.

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