Upholstery Fabric

At Ambassador Textiles we pride ourselves on sourcing only the highest quality and most cost-effective upholstery fabrics.

Ambassador Textiles have specialised in the supply of upholstery fabric for over 48 years. Our range of fabrics is extensive, and each collection has been carefully selected out of thousands for both quality and cost.

The combination of extraordinary quality and affordable costs is a difficult one to get right, but at Ambassador Textiles we've' done the legwork for you. Our upholstery fabrics are imported from across the globe, and in some cases manufactured exclusively for us, and are not available anywhere else.

In the UK textiles market our upholstery fabrics are rapidly gaining the recognition that they deserve. So strong is our success, if fact, that we've recently moved into brand new premises in Manchester, filling every nook and cranny of our 18,000 sq ft warehouse space with our incredible collections. Supplying to a broad range of industries, from small independent retail shops to large national retailers, as well as upholsterers, manufacturers and printers, Ambassador Textiles offers you the infrastructure and expertise to deliver on any and all requirements.

Our Upholstery Collections
alchemy fabric
Alchemy New
A 100% Polyester velvet fabric with tiger and speckle prints. Available in 30 Colourways
A 100% polyester fabric with a soft velvety feel, and an appearance of fine needlecord. Available in 2 Colourways
arran fabric
a 100% Polyester fabric which mimics the look and feel of wool, but with additional versatility. Available in 7 Colourways
Avalon fabric
A 100% Polyester short-pile velour with an embossed marbled lustre.. Available in 7 Colourways
basketweave chenille fabric
Basketweave Chenille
A strong, soft to the touch 100% Polyester fabric with a woven texture. Available in 14 Colourways
brushed aire fabric
Brushed Aire
A speckled 100% Polyester fabric. Available in 6 Colourways
arizona faux leather
Arizona Faux Leather New
Our most versatile faux leather fabric, FR to meet contract upholstery / Crib 5 standards. Available in 17 Colourways
nevada faux leather
Nevada Faux Leather New
A high quality faux leather material in a wide variety of designs and colourways. Available in 30 Colourways
fr leatherette
FR Leatherette
A wide range of faux leather materials which are ready-FR to domestic upholstery standards. Available in 16 Colourways
non-fr leatherette
Non-FR Leatherette
A non-FR alternative to our larger fire retardant range of plain faux leather. Available in 3 Colourways
padded vinyl faux leather
Padded Vinyl New
A popular motor upholstery fabric used in cars, caravans and boats. Available in 11 Colourways
150gsm faux suede fabric
150G Faux Suede
A 100% Polyester fabric, this is our lightest Faux Suede weighing 150 GSM. Available in 15 Colourways
225gsm faux suede fabric
225G Faux Suede
A 100% Polyester fabric, this is our most popular weight suede at 225 GSM. Available in 45 Colourways
300gsm faux suede fabric
300G Faux Suede
A 100% Polyester fabric, our heaviest weight suede is 300 GSM. Available in 6 Colourways
glen eagles fabric
Glen Eagles
A 100% Polyester fabric available in plain, sriped or checked pattern. Available in 14 Colourways
glen mhor fabric
Glen Mhor
A stunning and vibrant 100% Shetland Wool fabric. Available in 11 Colourways
glen rosa fabric
Glen Rosa
A premium 100% Shetland Wool fabric in various traditional designs. Available in 16 Colourways
grampian fabric
A 100% Polyester wool look-alike faric modelled after our Glen Rosa Shetland Wool. Available in 8 Colourways
hopsack fabric
A 100% Polyester woven upholstery fabric with a distinctive weave. Available in 8 Colourways
jf02 joyford fabric
JF02 (Joyford)
JF02 (also known as Joyford) is a 100% Polyester fabric which mimics the look and feel of linen. Available in 15 Colourways
jf87 jefferson fabric
JF87 (Jefferson)
JF87 (also known as Tema) is a Polyester fabric which mimics the look and feel of woven cotton. Available in 23 Colourways
jf214 urbane fabric
JF214 (Urbane)
JF214 (also known as Urbane) collection features a hopsack weave with a distinctive shimmer.. Available in 19 Colourways
js397 boutique velvet fabric
JF397 (Boutique)
A modern, vibrant, and soft to the touch 100% polyester velvet. Available in 15 Colourways
malta fabric
A 100% Polyester fabric which mimics the look and feel of soft, brushed cotton. Available in 4 Colourways
marble velour fabric
Marble Velour
A luxurious Polyester crushed velvet with a distinctive shimmer effect. Available in 14 Colourways
ponyskin velboa fabric
Ponyskin Velboa
A 100% Polyester velboa fabric in a variety of animal prints. Available in 15 Colourways
savanna fabric
Savanna New
A luxuriously soft, 100% Polyester Velvet available in five different animal print designs and six colourways. Available in 30 Colourways
soft touch velvet fabric
Soft Touch Velvet
A 100% Polyester fabric with the look and feel of a micro-fleece or micro-suede Available in 2 Colourways
twilight lustre fabric
Twilight Lustre
A 100% Polyester fabric with a fine ribbed appearance, and similar to velour/velvet in touch. Available in 16 Colourways
velplush fabric
A soft 100% Polyester fabric which is similar in look, touch, and durability to velvet. Available in 4 Colourways
venice fabric
A 100% Polyester fabric, and a close, versatile imitation to velvet in both look and feel. Available in 6 Colourways
zultan fabric
A vibrant chenille composed of 52% Polyester and 48 % Acrylic. Available in semi-plain & chevron designs. Available in 22 Colourways
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