As shoppers gear up for the festive season, stores are making the most of their product displays to entice and attract the array of ever-more discerning customers. The very best displays give customers a realistic experience, showing them the products in use and inspiring them as to how those same products could look in their own homes. If you number among the many refined retailers who will be offering the Katrina Hampton Soft Furnishings Collection this autumn and winter, use our handy guide to make sure you display them to their absolute best.

Katrina Hampton faux fur cushions need to be on chairs, sofas and ottomans - a window seat is a particularly good place to display these exquisite items as it allows the natural light to show off the rich colours to full effect. With the collection of faux fur throws, create a relaxed look by draping them asymmetrically, will catch the customer’s eye and create an real feel of homeliness.

The vast rainbow of colour options available in the Katrina Hampton Soft Furnishings Collection means that it can be difficult to know where to start, particularly if you want to offer your customers the widest choice and improve sales figures. There are two basic options, both of which are equally effective: contrast or complement. You could try both styles in different areas of the store in order to match the shopping mood of individual customers.

Contrast - A spectrum of clashing colour certainly draws the attention but it is difficult for customers to imagine exactly what each colour looks like separately. Be sure that customers have easy access to each piece and provide a neutral background close by in order that each colour can be separately examined. If you’re using furniture with large patterns or bright colours to display faux fur cushions and throws, it’s best to go for neutral tones while the reverse is true for plain pieces of furniture

Complement - Create small areas with complementary colours, each perhaps with its own tone and theme. Make sure that each tone leads the eye smoothly onto the next without jarring.

There are up to 21 colour choices in the Katrina Hampton Soft Furnishings Collection, of which we are the UK’s only wholesale supplier. Find out more, including details of our bespoke services, by calling us now.