Faux Suede Fabric

Our Faux Suede fabrics are affordable, versatile and durable alternatives to true suede, at a fraction of the cost. Over the years Faux Suede has become one of our most sought-after fabrics.

Our faux suede fabrics (also known as imitation suede or suedette) are our pride and joy – the finest imitation suede known to the industry, in 45 stunning colourways, and sold exclusively by Ambassador Textiles.

Often taken by the thousands of metres, faux suede has been a core part of our range since its introduction decades ago. Our Faux Suede is composed of 100% Polyester, which means that, in spite of its remarkable similarity to genuine suede, the fabric can be easily machine washed at up to 30 Degrees.

Once again, our buying power shines through – faux suede is manufactured and imported in tremendous quantities. This has allowed us to negotiate significant savings, which we are determined as always to pass on to you.

The affordability of our faux suede is matched only by its potential uses in a wide variety of industries – used in everything from upholstery and soft furnishings, children’s toys, and clothing and accessories. This material has also been used on several occasions as finish for sound-proofed walling in recording studios and office buildings.

Available in three weights (150, 225 and 300 GSM), our faux suede is tried and tested, and is guaranteed to deliver exactly the results you need, regardless of the project. You needn’t take our word for it, however – samples are readily available and can be requested from our sales team.

Our Faux Suede Collections
150gsm faux suede fabric
150G Faux Suede
A 100% Polyester fabric, this is our lightest Faux Suede weighing 150 GSM. Available in 15 Colourways
225gsm faux suede fabric
225G Faux Suede
A 100% Polyester fabric, this is our most popular weight suede at 225 GSM. Available in 45 Colourways
300gsm faux suede fabric
300G Faux Suede
A 100% Polyester fabric, our heaviest weight suede is 300 GSM. Available in 6 Colourways
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