Faux Leather & Vinyl

An expanding range of collections, our Faux Leather is the perfect choice for both domestic and contract upholstery, as well as cars, caravans and motorboats.

Our range of faux leather fabrics is rapidly gaining notoriety for their quality and durability. With the exception of our Non-FR Leatherette and Padded Vinyl ranges, our faux leather farics are supplied ready-FR to various standards. Our Nevada and FR Leatherette are flame retardant to domestic upholstery standards (BS5852, Ignition Sources 0 + 1), and our Arizona collection is flame retardant to contract upholstery standards (BS5852, Ignition Source 5 / Crib 5). These fabrics represent the premier choice for faux leather/vinyl upholstery in both the domestic and contract markets.

arizona faux leather
Arizona New
Our most versatile faux leather fabric, FR to meet contract upholstery / Crib 5 standards. Available in 17 Colourways
nevada faux leather
Nevada New
A high quality faux leather material in a wide variety of designs and colourways. Available in 30 Colourways
fr leatherette
FR Leatherette
A wide range of faux leather materials which are ready-FR to domestic upholstery standards. Available in 16 Colourways
non-fr leatherette
Non-FR Leatherette
A non-FR alternative to our larger fire retardant range of plain faux leather. Available in 3 Colourways
padded vinyl faux leather
Padded Vinyl New
A popular motor upholstery fabric used in cars, caravans and boats. Available in 11 Colourways
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