Baby Care Fabrics

Our range of affordable baby care fabrics are sourced specifically for their soft handle and luxurious appearance.

Ambassador Textiles hold an extensive range of fabrics tailored towards the children's and baby market. From our 100% cotton waffle fabrics to our cuddlesoft fleece range, our baby fabrics are perfect for everything from blankets to clothing and accessories.

With a colour range chosen specifically to meet 'baby' requirements, we are constantly adding and updating our fabrics to bring you the most commercial colour options.

bamboo terry towelling fabric
Bamboo Terry Towelling
Produced from the environmentally sustainable bamboo plant. Available in 3 Colourways
combed cotton interlock fabric
Combed Cotton Interlock
A high-quality, lightweight, 100% Cotton interlocked fabric. Available in 4 Colourways
cotton waffle fabric
Cotton Waffle
A 100% Cotton fabric with a 3D waffle weave structure, making it both absorbant and quick drying. Available in 4 Colourways
cuddlesoft velboa fabric
Cuddlesoft Velboa Fabric
A super-soft 100% Polyester fabric which retains its pile even after washing. Available in 15 Colourways
anti-pil lambskin fleece fabric
Anti-pil Lambskin Fleece
A 100% Polyester fabric designed to prevent bobbling with repeated washes. Available in 50 Colourways
anti-pil printed fleece fabric
Anti-pil Printed Fleece
A 100% Polyester anti-pil fleece in a variety of different prints. Available in 7 Colourways
coral fleece fabric
Coral Fleece
A 100% Polyester fabric noted for being exceptionally fluffy and soft to the touch. Available in 1 Colourway
microfleece fabric
This dense 100% Polyester microfleece is our softest, highest quality fleece fabric. Available in 11 Colourways
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